the services

we do everything because your business deserves it.

multimedia campaigns.

Your customers are everywhere, so you have to be everywhere. We create an integrated plan to meet your needs and execute it across all types of media.

TV • Radio • Magazine • Web • Social Media • Tradeshow • Newspaper • Billboard

creative design.

Our hard-working, coffee-drinking creative department is at your disposal—ready to create provocative messaging that really moves the meter.

Interactive • Print • Tradeshow • Billboard • Posters • Direct Mail

brand identity.

Your company's brand identity is more than just a logo and a tagline—it's how your current and potential customers perceive your company.

We build brands that stick, figuratively. Although we can put them on stickers, and then they’ll stick literally.


We start with great ideas, produce great commercials, and deliver to the right media outlets so your high-impact messaging directly reaches the customers that matter most to your business.

HD Video Production • Motion Graphics • Training & Corporate Videos

research & strategy.

We are ready for anything and plan for everything. Our rock-solid research, in-depth planning, and big-picture strategy sets the foundation for a campaign that will knock your socks off.

Research • Account Management • Planning & Strategy • Media Planning • Reputation Management

public relations.

We cut our teeth helping energy companies move forward with difficult-to-permit projects. Those teeth are really sharp now, and so are we.

Stakeholder Engagement • Event Planning • Research • Strategy • Press Management

the face

you know, the one behind the name.

L4 Communications was born of Ball Adertising Group. In 2017, after more than 20 years in the business, Ken and Peggy Ball retired, offering their hard work and long-standing Wyoming business to Michelle Larsen, owner of L4 Communications. After working for Ball Advertising Group, Michelle is proud and excited to continue the same high-quality service, teamwork, and product her clients have grown accustomed to with Ball Advertising Group.

Michelle is a Wyoming native and brings over 12 years in the industry to L4 Communications. She prides herself on working with her clients to incorporate a marketing strategy that not only utilizes traditional advertising avenues, but also discovers creative, out-of-the box marketing strategies to reach an audience that is often over-exposed and underwhelmed.

From print design to event planning, Michelle will work with you to create a plan that works for you. She becomes part of your team and can often be caught talking about her clients in the first person. She tries to learn what she can about your market and then bring her expertise in advertising and public relations to your table to help your business grow and develop.

Michelle is a wife and mother of two. When not working, she is usually volunteering in the Casper community, playing an array of sports with her children, cheering on her beloved Pokes and Broncos, or heading to the snowcapped mountains or the sun-soaked lake. She keeps life busy by filling it adventure, family, and friends.